Our experienced team can provide a range of lawn care, garden and home maintenance services to residential, strata, body corporate and commercial clients, striving for a 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Whether you require a one off lawn, garden or property clean up or would like a comprehensive, regular schedule to maintain and continually improve the overall appearance and value of your property, or anything in between, make Merimbula Mowing and Maintenance Services your first choice.

We provide a wide range of lawn care and gardening services including:

In addition to lawn care and gardening tasks, a variety of handyman services (non-tradesman) can also be performed including:

  • gutter cleaning
  • replacing tap washers and/or light globes
  • installing shelves and assembling furniture (flat packs)
  • high pressure water cleaning
  • cobweb removal
  • painting
  • tiling & grout
  • rubbish removal
  • a variety of minor repairs & replacements

What’s involved?

Lawn Mowing & Edging

push-lawn-mowingA good lawn is a wonderful asset to any home. However, lawn care can be cumbersome and time consuming. In order to enjoy a great lawn without any stress, be sure to consider the top tier lawn mowing services from Merimbula Mowing and Maintenance Services.

Cleaning and lawn careOur experts are well equipped and thoroughly prepared to handle any lawn, big or small; as well as the necessary tools to care for any type of grass. Beyond simple mowing, our lawn care services can also include edging and weed removal to ensure the grass is lush and green for years to come.

If you would like to get a cost estimate to maintain your lawn, click here to use our convenient real-time quoting system.

Ride-on Mowing

Ride-On lawn mowing for large blocks and acreageAcreage mowing on a property requires a lot of time. The professionals at Merimbula Mowing Maintenance Services understand that most people are time poor, meaning they just don’t have the time to spend dealing with a large piece of property. Allowing our team to take over will not only save time and money, it will also do wonders for the appearance of your property.

If you would like to get a cost estimate to provide maintenance to your large lot, click here to use our convenient real-time quoting system.


Edging and trimmingUnlike traditional edging (or whipper snipping), brush cutters use a specialised blade in replace of the nylon line for its cutting implement. Brushcutting may be necessary to cut through extra tall grass or reeds and dense undergrowth. It may be the tool that is needed for that area of your property that hasn’t had any attention for some time which has or is getting out of hand. This service may be all that is necessary to control and enhance the space or it could be followed up with a mow or slashing for that uniform, clean look.

Lawn repair & replacement

A healthy lawn is a living, breathing machine which provides an environment for lots of organisms, many of which contribute to the overall health of the lawn. With regular care and a few preventative treatments, healthy lawns will generally stay healthy. In addition to maintenance, Merimbula Mowing and Maintenance Services can help rehabilitate any lawn. This may include simple measures such as fertilising, weed & pest control, aeration and replenishing the top soil to name a few. Unfortunately, just like us, there can sometimes be an underlying issue that needs addressing before getting on the road to recovery. For lawns, it could be as simple as assessing if there’s a nutrition or soil pH issue, a common pest or disease invasion, a thatch (very dense layer of grass) or compaction problem, just to name a few. Once treated, a lawn repair may be as simple as applying a little fertiliser and water; or it may require seed and soil or even a small patch of turf. Without the correct treatment however, your lawn can slowly or very quickly go from lawn repair to total lawn replacement. Why not call Merimbula Mowing and Maintenance to get a free assessment.

Top soiling / Top dressing

Applying a top dressing to your lawn is appropriate when it needs a boost of nutrients, is uneven or contains holes. Top soil applications place a thin layer of organic soil mixture over the area of your lawn and adds organic, natural nutrients and minerals. You would apply a top dressing for nutrients if your lawn is in need of a boost as it will encourage the production of new shoots and result in a thicker lawn with the added benefit of then hindering moss and weed infestations. Applying a top dressing will introduce materials to your soil that will improve drainage, allow the soil to exchange gases with the atmosphere more effectively while also promoting the development of the soil’s micro-flora and micro-fauna needed to break down thatch and grass clippings. Top dressing matter will feed the earthworms too, releasing nutrients into the soil. An added bonus is that top dressing allows the soil to retain moisture better during drier conditions as well as allowing excess moisture to drain away during heavy rainfall.


Weed and fertiliser SprayingFertiliser is a great way of keeping your lawn in good shape and it’s simple to apply and effective in all conditions. It’s crucial to fertilise regularly (2 to 4 times per year) to keep your lawn at its healthiest to deal with changes in temperature and any other problems that nature throws at it. Fertilising your lawn can help you get the lush, green grass you desire.

Weed, Pest & Disease Control

Weeding, garden bed maintenanceA healthy lawn is the best defence against any infestation of lawn weeds, lawn pests and lawn diseases. Most of these problems occur when the lawn or parts of the lawn are in a weak state and cannot naturally fight off any infestations on its own. Healthy lawns on the other hand, make it far more difficult for these problems to ever establish in the first place, and if they do, they can often be overtaken and naturally controlled by a healthy lawn.

The control of weeds, pests and disease in a lawn is something that is often overlooked in a lawn maintenance programme. A relatively inexpensive investment in a weed, pest and disease control can be beneficial in many ways:

  • A lawn without weeds may not need cutting as often as it will have a uniform growth rate and be free of weeds poking up or spreading out flat.
  • A lawn with curl grubs will often appear as dry patches and temporarily treated with lots of water. Treated correctly will not only improve the long term appearance and save money on water bills, it will also reduce the amount of water lying around that may cause other problems.
  • These aspects of the healthy lawn then flow onto its ability to better cope with disease pressures.


A weed is considered to be any plant that is not desirable in a given situation. Lawn weeds will most often be first seen in bare or weak patches of turf instead of where the lawn is thick and healthy. This occurs not only when a bare patch of turf opens up to create an opportunity for weed seeds to plant and grow, but is further made worse when the natural defence mechanisms of the lawn to fight off these invaders has been weakened.

In most lawns on the South Coast, common weeds can include Bindii, Oxalis, Clover, Dandelion, Paspalum, Summergrass, Wintergrass, Goosegrass, Couch Grass and even Kikuyu if it’s not preferred. Each weed has a characteristic growth cycle that causes it to be considered a weed. As an example Bindii germinates and grows prolifically in the winter months. Once its life cycle is finished and as the temperature warms up in summer, the warm season grasses such as Summergrass, Goosegrass and Paspalum invade the bare patches (if present) across your lawn.


Pests are similar in nature. The seasons govern their life cycles which in turn determine their impact on a lawn. Black Beatle larvae commonly known as curl grub live under the soil quietly eating the roots of a lawn. In large numbers they can cause severe stress for the grass which in turn requires excessive watering in the summer to maintain a lawn’s healthy appearance. Army worm can proliferate so rapidly that as their name implies, can decimate lawns within a few days.


Lawn diseases generally thrive in the shade and when a lot of water is available in the lawn thatch overnight. Simple measures such as watering in the mornings only and reducing shade on the lawn will considerably reduce any incidence of disease in your lawn.

Lawn Renovation – Dethatching & Aeration

Lawn renovation is the process of rejuvenating grass in order to restore vigour and health into the plant. Like a lick of paint on a flaky or faded piece of wood, renovating a lawn can bring a tired lawn back to life. Grasses such as Kikuyu, Buffalo and Couch thrive after being renovated.


Thatch is the layer of dead and living stems that develops between the green vegetation and the soil’s surface within the grass. It is characterised by a straw colour appearance and is often noticeable if a lawnmower ‘scalps’ the lawn. De-thatching is the process of removing this unwanted accumulation of organic matter. A common method of de-thatching is known as ‘scarifying’. A series of vertical blades are groomed through the grass teasing out the thatch as it goes. This thatch is then removed. An increased level of thatch is detrimental to grass as it harbours disease, retaining moisture like a sponge and also, it gives a poor appearance to a lawn after cutting. Scarifying can alleviate these problems associated with high thatch levels.


Aeration is the process of de-compacting soil in order to allow oxygen (or air) into the soil profile. A common method of aeration is known as ‘coring’. This involves the removal of small, tube like parcels of soil from the ground. It benefits the plant by allowing oxygen into the root zone for gas exchange. After de-compaction, the introduction of soil amendments and watering efficiency is also improved because the aeration process creates a physical space for water amendments to enter into the soil profile. This is noticeable during heavy downpours of rain as the water is more likely to be retained by the lawn rather than running off into drains.

Soil amendments

Soil amendments are substances that are added to the soil in order to change its chemical composition or change its structure. Common soil amendments include such things as lime to alter soil Ph or gypsum used as a `clay-breaker’. Each situation usually requires a different soil amendment as it is commonly dependent on soil type and fertility. The application of soil amendments are usually carried out with other aspects of renovation such as aeration and de-thatching. They are an inconspicuous aspect of the renovation process that greatly improves the health of the soil and in turn the grass growing in it.


Garden waste removalMulch is a great way to tidy up garden beds. There are a number of varieties, sizes and colours to choose from in order to suit your property and personal choice. Mulching makes a significant improvement to the overall appearance and aesthetics of a property and for a relatively small cost. What’s more, the mulch will help keep the weeds at bay and save money in weed management.

Hand watering

Yes, we can even help out with the watering! Whether you are going away or just unable to attend to the hydration needs of your plants, gardens or even lawn, let Merimbula Mowing and Maintenance come to the rescue. We can give you a helping hand and peace of mind knowing your plants, gardens and/or lawn will remain healthy, happy and hydrated in a time of need.


High pressure water cleaning

If you have a drab or moldy looking deck or patio, we can restore its appearance by having it pressure washed. We can do the same to a driveway or concrete walkway as well. Or, if you plan to paint the exterior of your home, you may want to consider high pressure cleaning on your home first. Paint will adhere better and last longer when applied to a clean surface.

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